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Private Fees

Our private care ensures you are seen by the dentist you choose at a time to suit you. Appointment times are longer allowing us to complete more complex treatment. There will be plenty of time to discuss all your dental concerns and together you’ll design a treatment plan to ensure you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Below is an indication of our fees. 0% Finance is available over 10 months. Please make your dentist aware at your visit if you wish to use this so further information can be provided to you.

Routine ExaminationFrom £40
Full case assessmentFrom £50 (For new patients or more complex treatment)
Child Examination From £25
RadiographsFrom £5
Diagnosis and treatment planning
Preventative treatments
Hygienist scale and polish£60 (£30 deposit payable on appointment booking)
Prolonged gum treatment£120 (£60 deposit payable on appointment booking)
Silver amalgamFrom £100
White compositeFrom £180 (depending on size and location)
Root canal treatment
Incisors/CanineFrom £300
PremolarsFrom £350
MolarsFrom £450
SimpleFrom £150
SurgicalFrom £200
Crowns and bridges
Metal ceramic crownFrom £600
All ceramic crownFrom £750
Metal ceramic bridgeFrom £500 per unit
All ceramic bridgeFrom £700 per unit
Ceramic veneerFrom £700
Synthetic resin upper and lowerFrom £1200
Synthetic full upper or full lowerFrom £800
Synthetic resin partial dentureFrom £600
Chrome denture partial/fullFrom £1500
Other treatments
Recement crownFrom £50
Re-cement bridge From £70
Soft bite raising applianceFrom £150
Dental Implants
Dental implantFrom £2200 per tooth
Invisalign 1 archFrom £2500
Invisalign both archesFrom £3500
Cosmetic treatment
Tooth whitening home system From £400
Composite bondingFrom £250 per tooth

Please note:

These prices are a guide only, patients will receive an estimate of any proposed treatments within the initial examination appointment.
This is given in good faith but sometimes treatment becomes more or less complex than anticipated and may be subject to change.

You will be informed of any changes to your treatment plan and costs.

For any missed appointments with the hygienist there is a £15 failed to attend fee

We now o er 0% APR nance on all treatment £300 plus, please ask at reception for further information.